Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SOME SUPPORT FOR THE FIGHT-TO-WIN. Hunger Strike Day 33, Vigil Day 85

10/2/06 NOTE: NEW BLOG - DARFUR Dying for Heroes <-click!

Our sister Rosemary has done a wonderful job with two of her news outlets. The links below are her final publications:

http://knickerbockernews.blogspot.com/ and

Some Sudanese brothers and sisters have taken interest in the Hunger Strike and Vigil. They kindly have brought cold water, have included information on sudaneseonline.com. Mr. Mohamed has built a site featuring the campaign that is linked to sudaneseonline.com. He says that the links have received many hits among the Sudanese community. Four of them have funded an additional month of online access for the campaign.

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