Sunday, August 06, 2006

AND THE CHILDREN WILL LEAD THEM. Hunger Strike Day 28, Vigil Day 79

Two nights ago six Cherrubs and an Angel descended upon me at President's park about 10:30 pm. I'm really not kidding. Six young children and their aunt who leads them all in a summer camp. I can't recall encountering more human, warm, intelligent, empathic, compassionate hearts in my 79 days in the park. They were deeply, reverently concerned with everything about their Darfur family (yes, none has Sudan ancestors). Their questions were deeply respectful, relevent and highly sensitive. It was glorious.

Today at about 4pm, this is what I saw. Ok, I kinda saw it through my tears. Darfur, you do have family in the US. Pittifully small, but it can grow. LET THE CHILDREN LEAD US.

Ms. Abby Robinson, their teacher, told me to include - "I see you (Mr Jay), as a Godsend, you have awakened my children's consciousness in a inmeasurable and unquantifiable way. The lesson they learned from you in two days will benifit them a lifetime " Msabby

From left to right these blessed children are (front row) Mary Kate, Katelyn, Aziah, (back row) Robert, Ms. Robinson, Alvin and Nataniel.

And others care too. Pictured with me is one of the few great men of God, of Jesus that ever I have met. Michael Dorn is a Maryknoll Seminarian. MICHAEL IS THE FIRST TO LOVE HIS DARFUR FAMILY SO MUCH THAT HE JOINED THE VIGIL AND HUNGER STRIKE FOR THEM IN LAFAYETTE PARK. 2 DAYS NO FOOD. 2 DAYS DAY AND NIGHT VIGIL.

Neither Michael nor I can understand why hundreds or thousands haven't joined. HOW CAN YOU RESIST? REALLY? THIS IS THE GREATEST OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME. IT IS.

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