Sunday, December 24, 2006

Darfur: A Christain US would stop Genocide now

Darfur: A Christian US would stop Genocide now

Moving back toward Lafayette Park - Christmas Eve

Who could doubt that a US of Christ followers (as distinct from "admirers," "exploiters" or "abusers") would have stopped Genocide in its tracks?

Who could doubt that if Jesus were alive He would stand alone if necessary with his very life to stand with Darfur against Genocide? "The good shepherd lays down his Life for his flock...."

May the Joy, Love and Peace of Christmas emerge from the rubble of the Christ-Distortion/Abuse/Perversion/Exploitation that is piled in Everests smothering and obscuring what He taught, and how He Loved.

That Darfur may be saved. That we may be saved. This His "Kingdom come." There is no more time to wait.


ps: The "religious" teachings for which I claim some knowledge and expertise are those of Jesus. Yet in my limited knowledge I suspect that were we a Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Humanist, Ethical or Buddhist US we too would have stopped the Genocide and "Saved" ourselves.