Saturday, August 26, 2006

1ST REALLY BAD DAY; Hunger Strike Day 43, Day/Night Vigil Day 95

It is not that it is so uncomfortable, but my productivity is about 40%. The fact that I lugged my stuff literally 80 blocks on Vigil yesterday probably contributes. :-(

This is the first Saturday I've missed in the park. I continue on a massive communication campaign - building a fax database of about 5000 Places of Worship and sending them posters of the Sept 9th and Sept 17 events. REALLY HARD given the way my mind is on 40%. The fact that in about 5 days I've just survived on naps sitting up at the computer is probably a factor too. I am not taking any satisfaction that this is treading on our laws about faxing. I take responsibility that given the profoundly short time, compounded by the fact of school just getting in session, people just returning from holiday - URGENT MEASURES ARE REQUIRED TO GET THE WORD OUT. If it is to be prison, and huge fines over this - so be it. But, let's stop the Genocide - NOW.

During this intirrim period when I am working 3 major campaigns - Vigil, Hunger Strike, Media/Fax/Promotion campagn - I am taking up to 1000 calories per day to try to keep enought energy going. Also I take them to slow my discent - I need to last and I'm buring quite a few more calories than if I were just sittiing under a tree somewhere.

By the way, as I may have mentioned, for the last several weeks I've Vigiled at a variety of locations - Washington Post, NPR, the Methodist Building (accross the street from the Capitol onn the east) housing major faith groups. This feels VERY correct at this juncture. With as many Hunger Strike days as I have under my belt (sorry) it is an important injection of hope, commitment, and prayer - to go to these different places.

As to regular "diet" - water and the following every day - multivitimin, salt packet every 3 days, 2 packets emergenC every day, and a teaspoon or two of peanutbutter (a friend thinks it will protect my brain from being consumed).

Nights are now usually spent under the stars (on top of the ants) vigiling in the next park up from the White House because they have Power Outlets (cell phone and laptop), and so far none has been provided by George and Laura. :-)

Just got word of some new internet press. NewsBlaze - God bless them. Also, the Blog is getting important hits from around the world.

Spirits remain unchanged - GREAT.

Really good news in the press what with Bush sending Lendayi Frazer/REALLY commiting himself!!! - really bad news (see yesterday's post re NY Times) - big concern that the postive press will cause people to relax. Death that would be.

Hey, I still tell folks that I have no support. Relative to what a campaign like this should have, that is true. But you friends / heroes know who you are. We love you and are deeply grateful for you.


Failure is not an option. THERE IS NO OCTOBER FOR DARFUR.



adrian hong said...

you are doing some wonderful things. i saw you on the street yesterday in dc.

we are with you in spirit, and if i'm in town hopefully i will be with you physically too.

email me if there's anything i can do for you from the dc area. even bring you some cool water now and then.

God bless.

Jay McGinley said...


Your kindness and encouragement mean a lot. Thanks.

GET ANYONE YOU KNOW, and EVERYONE YOU DON'T to one or both of the Sept 9th & 17th events.

Emails, phone calls, tantrums, hunger strikes, organize busses, etc, etc, etc. Serously.

Your brother,

484 356 6243