Monday, August 07, 2006

CRY FREEDOM: MANY MUST GIVE LIFE. Hunger Strike holding at Day 28; Vigil hold at Day 80

Note: I am on my way to my Philadelphia family to fatten up so that by week's end / mid next week I can get back on Hunger Strike in DC with a chance of surviving until the end of September. That is our last chance to Save Darfur, and by being able to hold out that long, it may save me as well! :-)

Have you seen the movie "Cry Freedom" with Denzel Washington? It is the story of Steven Beko, just one of the many ANTI-VIOLENT fighters for an apartheid-free South Africa who risked and gave their lives to the mad, merciless South African machine over 20 years or more before some level of victory was won. It works that way. Society demands sacrifices until it gets tired of all the lost life, looks at itself finally, and begins to live and grow again.

I've faced this reality before, particularly in the Chester battle, but finally I am called by circumstances to walk the walk of Steven Beko.

The circumstances?

1. Arguably our culture has eroded our humanity, courage, clinical individual "life" to a lower level than any time in history. We are paying the price of meaningless, joyless lives. The world is paying the price in ever more brutal exploitation and manipulation. Our children, and their children? It has become unimaginably horrible to contemplate. As God is my witness I am certain that Cheney and pals may be planning how to bring us to full Police State before they would otherwise be forced out of office. We're too asleep to notice, OR CARE! And that is one of the lesser horrors!

Both parties and houses blessing the destruction of Lebanon and Palestine? Both parties washing in the blood of the Lebanese children? This is evil, darkness beyond comprehension. AND MAYBE WORSE, all the US Lebanese population can think to do is CANDLE LIGHT VIGILS!!!!!!!!! MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!! No strikes. No arrests. No civil disobedience. CANDLE LIGHT VIGILS that are really quite festive social events. WE ARE WALKING DEAD.

NO FREE PRESS. Simply a government propaganda machine. Can't you feel us drool over the prospect of forcing our wonderful sham illusion of "democracy" on Cuba? Do you feel the eagerness for all-out war with Islam - World War III. Madness.

2. It is NOW or NEVER for Darfur per yesterday's post "Jay is going to play...."

No euphoria on my part, BUT I AM VERY HAPPY AND EXCITED. I am feeling some of the freedom, purpose, significance, participation-in-life and meaning that I have been greedy for throughout my life. I am NOT seeking Martyrdom. But it now is seeking me. :-) I am honored to be called and to serve in this way. And I think martyrdom is going to seek, and need many others in the coming years.

I have a vision of an infinately more humane, joyful, brotherly/sisterly world than the Matrix-like machine that is today's reality. It is what Dr. King sensed; and Gandhi; Jesus; Sidhartha; Mandella; Beko.... It is worth a great price. It is a great joy to pursue and to try to help birth.

Finally, it is said that the hardest role played in a battle like this is by the friends. Many of you are my "family." I am grateful for your friendship; I am sorry for the pain I cause you; and I will try to be as little a burden on you as I can, but in this I will have limited success.

3. We now must streatch our hearts accross oceans. Hmmm. This is a new clarity for me. We've streatched our bodies and eyes around the globe with planes, ships and video. We've yet to streatch our hearts. Let us remember that Einstein and his ilk have many decades ago been telling us that unless our morality catches up with our techonology, humanity is doomed. I see this clearly.

4. We must give our lives to keep our Lives. Life is advancing the wellbeing of the species, and the planet and universe. This is the way of Life; the ONLY way of Life. I think most scientists in relevant domains would have to agree with my definition, in concept. "life" (little "l") is our pulse. This is not who we are. This is a meer vessel. We know this. Really. Please don't brush this off. Think about it. We've all seen and "believed" movies where someone's "spirit" is placed in a robot or something and they "Live" (captal "L") on. We've known parapalegics that are much more alive than most people. Jesus lives on. Gandhi, Buddha, King, Teresa, Abe Lincoln.... All who give their life to others Live on forever, as I've just shown and reminded you. The more we Give, the more we Live on. :-) The more we give, THE MORE THAT OUR HUMAN FAMILY LIVES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thruly, I see we humans of 2006 as walking dead now. Sorry, but it is True. The materially wealthy like we in the US are drowning in our own selfish pleasure. The destitute of the world are burning in their own hell of material torment. Teresa, King, Gandhi, Jesus all saw it the same way. This is unacceptable. I want us to Live. I will help as best I can. Forever.

Your brother, Jay

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