Saturday, July 29, 2006

RECRUITING IN A GRAVEYARD? Day 72 Vigil; Day 21 Hunger Strike

My life has been spent raising groups of people to courage to face and surmount difficult, life-critical situations. The image that has come to me in attempting to do this for our Darfur brothers and sisters is that my attempts are taking place in a morgue. I'm not trying to be mean, just honest.

Within the Darfur activist community, and the faith community more broadly - are we already dead? Have we no capacity for experiencing Darfur as our family? Have we no courage to truly, TRULY put our lives on the line, briefly, to save them?

I've never before been faced with such a hopeless situation. I've considered quitting. I WILL NOT QUIT. They are our family. You are my family. They must be saved. You must rise up. The Hunger Strike continues indefinitely. The Vigil continues indefinitely.

JOIN ME. HAVE ME JOIN YOU. We must stand WITH our Brothers and Sisters, completely. FAILURE MUST NO LONGER BE AN OPTION. Or our Humanity dies as we abandon our Darfur family.

posted by Jay McGinley at 4:34 PM

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Anonymous said...

Hi jay I have now checked out your site. Wow powerfull words brother. Like it is when I talk to you hope you are well on this hot hot hot day have a good one. God bless

Rev Wilkinson