Tuesday, July 11, 2006

FAREWELL. Darfur Hunger Strike Day #9, Round-the-clock Vigil Day #60

Dear brothers and sisters,

With all of my salvos of communication I wish to be sure that I don’t confuse you:

1. JAY’S A MADMAN. Doubtless many of you have concluded that I am something of a madman, or egomaniac, delusional SOB... whatever. What matters is if enough of you see that I am not; that I’m just a Darfurian dad and brother whose IMMEDIATE family is being slaughtered; a dad who will gladly give his life, if it will help, to Rescue and Restore his family; just like many, MANY of you should become; like many, many of you WOULD BE OVERWHELMINGLY OVERJOYED TO BE, in my humble opinion.THE GREATEST EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE? THE SINGLE GREATEST GIFT YOU WILL EVER GIVE TO YOUR "BIOLOGICAL FAMILY?" TO YOUR GOD? IF ONLY YOU SEE THIS IN TIME. Maybe I am mistaken. Also, my aparent "madness" is not that, but necessarily aggressive action, vision and conviction that comes from a lifetime of expertise successfully leading the turnaround of high stakes situations. Expertise few people have; that few if any in the movement have. (Fighting and FIGHTING-TO-WIN are as different as Death and Life.)

2. YOU, YOU are Darfur’s only hope. Their lives are in your hands. There is no one else. DISCOVER THAT THEY ARE YOUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY and let's try to work the Miracle that "families" DEDICATE THEMSELVES to work for their "kin", IMPOSSIBLE crisis after crisis after crisis.... Right?

3. THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT NOW. I’ve taken my best shots toward your heart, that you might SEE THAT YOUR "IMMEDIATE FAMILY", DARFUR, IS SHEDULED FOR IMMEDIATE EXECUTION, AND THAT YOU CAN SAVE THEM. (http://standwithdarfurwhitehouseii.blogspot.com/2006/07/call-to-battle-launch-all-out.html) Do I know that you are called to RECOGNIZE AND TREAT DARFUR AS IMMEDIATE FAMILY? Only your God/Heart/Values/Humanity/Conscience, and you can know that. The three blogs I’ve created might help you explore your heart, as they’ve helped me.

4. IT IS TO BE DEATH BY GENOCIDE FOR DARFUR. As it stands, the verdict is crystal clear as it has been for 2.5 years; THEY ARE NOT WORTH OUR SKIN. THEY ARE NOT OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY. WE HAVE AN IMMEDIATE FAMILY, AND THEY DO NOT INCLUDE DARFUR. Darfuries are worth our lip service, and some token efforts, but not our LIFE SERVICE. THEY ARE NOT IMMEDIATE FAMILY.

5. WE CAN SAVE THEM. A heroic cadre of Nonviolent “Marines/Commandos” can spark the turnaround IF: a. 20-50+ immediately emerge and fully commit, THIS WEEK and NEXT. Later than July 21 and the game is already over. The nonviolent “Marine’s/Commandos” land at the White House by July 31 or it is too late. b. If a group of support folks and consultants emerge as well.

6. CONTACT ME, if, AND ONLY IF you sense that you CANNOT, CANNOT LET THESE FOLKS, YOUR FAMILY DIE. AFTER we form a team that is IMMEDIATE FAMILY MEMBERS TO DARFUR, we can work out the details of our plan, although as people join we will progress together. Otherwise, there has been more than enough time for talk/analysis/research/talk/news/emails/blogs/letters/phone calls/ speculation/blame…. We’ve killed enough time. Our lips and fingers need a rest. It is up to our hearts and feet now.

7. MY JOB FOR THIS PHASE IS DONE NOW. I desperately, DESPERATELY wish I could keep chasing you! But it is up to your hearts now. I’ll be here fighting and waiting, planning/fasting/round-the-clock-vigiling here in DC, for a while. 484 356 6243; jymcginley@cs.com. I expect that for a while, only those who find they are "IMMEDIATE FAMILY" OF DARFUR will be hearing from me. If it becomes clear that our Darfur family does not unclude at least TWENTY (20) of us, that they are therefore already dead, I suspect I’ll go looking for "the least of these my family" elsewhere in the world who are not.

It is between each of us and our God, our hearts now.

I wish there were the time to be gentle, talk, explore, get to know each other. But, there is not. Time’s up. War is tough.

At peace, your brother,


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