Sunday, July 16, 2006

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY 1,000'S AREN'T DOING THIS. Vigil Day 64; Hunger Stike Day 13.

I really and truly can't. My heart. Truly. Yes, my head can go on at some length at the reasons, by my heart, my higher intellect? I don't get it.

It would seem that virtually NO ONE, NO ONE, not even the Sudanese in this country, view the 3,000,000 in the camps as worth their skin, as being their kin.

I have every inclination to ride the Hunger Strike into the red zone. I will fight to the finish. No, I don't plan to die, but I am going to get beat up for these folks.

Unless I switch fights.

There is a bigger tragedy than Darfur. It is our death in the US. The death of our Humanity. It is the greatest humanitarian crisis on the planet, because it results in the globally exterminating neglect and murder we wage planet wide. It, we are the single reason Darfur will die. And we, even we activists don't even care, any more than a masturbator wants to make children.

The fight I would switch to? This bigger one. If I decide I can be of greater hope to the current Code Pink effort by switching full time, I'll do it. Darfur is dead anyway, I see now. A handful of Code Pink KNOW what it means - "as you do unto the least of these my family ...." They are joyfully putting their lives on the line for the folks in Iraq - American and Iraqi. Their hunger strike started July 4th as well. They are the "Marines" I called forth for Darfur.

They are our "salt," our "Light," and our hope. It is critically important that they succeed by staying the course strongly.

Either way, I want desperately to fight on, and expect to do so.

It is very hard. Very stressful. Very tiring. Very sad - the needless death in Darfur. The needless death among we Americans.

It is very, very joyful. Working for God full time. :-) .

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