Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day #50, July 2: If we do not Rescue, IT IS BY CHOICE

Here's the proof: Distribute 2,000 white, American college students around the Darfur Camps and imagine that the only way they can be saved is by getting 20-30,000 UN Peacekeeping troops on the ground. What do we do? RESCUE AND RESTORE DARFUR. TOMORROW (not 3-6 mnths from now, if ever).

For the sake of exploring more deeply, let's say that we don't just send in the US Marines. What do different groups or individuals do to Rescue these "family" memebers?

If it were Bush’s Family he would…
• Buy Bashir off with an Island or something
• Call on the Saudi’s to make it happen
• Force the UN in immediately
– Support heavily with equipment and expertise
– Press for aggressive funding
– Aggressively promote to the US People
– Excoriate the UN if they were not immediate
– Twist Russian/China arms
• Influence an immediate divestment
– Push legislation
– Twist arms
• Demand international Genocide declaration
• Apply all pressure to Sudan
• Send troops if UN Delayed
• Move toward sanctions on China and Russia

If it were My Family I would…
• Open ended hunger strike at White House
• Open ended hunger strike at Vatican
* Engage everyone I knew if the all-out effort
* Work with and attempt to radicalize any worthy gtoup

If it were Our American Family WE would…
• Massively Boycott China / France / Russia
• Threaten to Dismantle the UN
• Civil Disobedience Shut Down of the UN
• Civil Disobedience to Shut Down the White House
• Descend en masse on our President (single point of focus vs the Hill)
– Physically, here in DC
– Face to Face we would demand answers
– Tie up traffic until we had the right answers/action

If it were Congress’s Family THEY would…
• Legislate TOTAL sanctions on Sudan
• Move toward Withdrawal from UN if necessary
• Legislate the need for unilateral action if UN too slow
• Be on the ground immediately supporting the AU
• Demand immediate/aggressive action from the UN
• Legislate sanctions on China and Russia
• Institute a No Fly Zone
• Ready NATO as an option

If it were the average American’s/Frenchman’s/ German’s/Englishman’s Family he would…
• Fully exercise whatever personal networks to contribute radically
• Totally commit personally
• Demonstration
• Civil Disobedience?
• Vigil/Hunger Strike?

If it were the Pope’s Major issue he would…
• Direct all priests to preach on the issue
• Make a personal visit / vigil
• Command massive donations

If it were a Major Interest of China Russia they would…
• Immediately stop obstructing Security Council
• Stop arms shipments
• Stop payments
• Back ICC prosecution

The degree to which the above brainstorming has value, it tells us what we could unleash if we stood strongly enough.

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