Monday, June 12, 2006

Day #30, June 12: "Somthin's Hapnin Here

What it is aint exactly clear...."

NOTE: Will be gone Wed - Fri to see immediate family in PA, and to bathe and launder. :-)

Stopping Genocide? Probably not. Hurting the cause? PROBABLY NOT. Helping a tiny bit? Probably so.

A staffer for Hillery stopped by the other night. "Oh, Darfur is my major issue!" This is BEFORE I learned he was a staffer (no reason for him to lie). Is he more pumped up / encouraged now? Yup.

But what I refer to in the title above has to do with Standing With a totally disenfrachised population as I am. Probably 1 out of 100 people, IT TOUCHES. It changes them. Ever so slightly, but it changes them. This is a good thing. It encourages that place in their heart that could contemplate STANDING WITH those in need. This is very important. I can't think of anything more important that I can be doing.

"As you do unto the least of these my family, you do unto me." If what I am doing IS hopeful, this is why. I really feel like I am where I belong right now, doing what I need to be doing.

I am sure that STANDING WITH, as opposed to JUST earning, and working to a salary (9-5) in one of the DC NGO's and SITTING FOR Darfur, is infinitely more hopeful. YES, the NGOs have made contributions. But ultimately, they are NOT proportional response, proportional force, appropriate response, in my view. TOO COMFORTABLE. TOO LEFT BRAIN. TOO LITTLE HUMANITY UNLEASHED. I wish what they were doing was / could be enough. It cannot.

MERCINARY ARMIES RARELY WIN. I think this is the essence of my concern.

I pray that they wake up, and find their humanity and courage before it is too late.

THERE IS HOPE! See here:


A Lonely Czech said...

Thank you so much for teaching all of us other humans that we are disenfranchized. You're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!!!!!!! that we have no courage. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep praying for us. AMAZING!!!!!! I read this last night and thought of you: "There is no I in Martyr."

Jay McGinley said...

Curious that you have time to direct mean comments at me. I hope you have that much time to help people in Darfur.