Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day #24-28; June 6-10: Catch up!

Hmmm. I feel that the Day #23 entry on standwithdarfur is a pretty effective view of the situation in Darfur from the perspective of we in the US, and WHAT WE NEED TO DO. Hence, I’ve not wanted it to lose the top spot on the page.

For a while, I’ll preserve top billing of that entry, and use this supplementary blog for updates.

I’ve been on station pretty much every day 20 hours per day.

There have been some extraordinarily heartwarming and hopeful conversations with people from all over the world.

I do NOT have the sense that I am making a significant difference here. I DO have the sense that I am making a definite difference here to the tune of about 5-20 hearts per day from around the world. Like the angelic young woman, 8th grader moved to honest, innocent tears for her Darfur family upon learning of the situation this morning. There is hope. Like the 2nd chance high school guys from Montana that at the end of our deep and honest discussion of Darfur said, “We meet with our congressman tomorrow and we’ll talk about Darfur!” Like the treo from Florida that showed me the announcement for the Darfur Benefit they are hosting! The same folks are meeting with their congress person and will discuss Darfur with them as well!

People from various NGO’s, the State Department, etc. come thru the park, see Darfur, talk, and it certainly increases visibility on their radar screen.

It continues to be the case that not yet has there been a moment that there is anywhere else on the planet that I would rather be. It has to do with Standing With the least of these as powerfully as I am able. I feel that in some small way I am standing with the Good, with Compassion, for Kindness and Restoration. I never want to feel any other way.

Finally, often I find myself mentioning to folks that the killingly scarce resource for Darfur, is the same scarcity causing the rest of the world’s ills – humanity; our humanity is all but atrophied and gone. But not quite. In the almost 4 weeks that I’ve been here I’ve connected with more promising spirits of great and growing humanity than in any year I can think of (excepting my CI family). This is important. We have had wonderful, energizing, affirming, expanding, strengthening conversations. In a small way, my being here is helping to expand the pool of available humanity, including my own. This is the only hope.

Some of the wonderful, hopeful humanity wanting the Genocide in Darfur to stop NOW.

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