Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Returning to the White House

The objective of the "war" is for the victory of Love over Greed; Brotherhood over Selfishness; Health over Cancer.... I suspect that Always my call will be to serve in this war with my assignment/call on any particular day, in any particular hour, to be whatever best can help win this war.

For three years now Darfur Genocide has been the strategic focus I have been called to in this war. I suspect that this will continue.

However, from time to time I have been, and will continue to be called on temporary alternate assignments.

I am just now finishing up one such alternative assignment. For the last seven months the Washington Peace Center and the 25 Year Peace Vigil at the White House have been a Godsend to the Stand With Darfur - White House II (and I (one))vigil. Their contributions have been of God / Good. For the past week I've had an opportunity to make a contribution to them by helping in some construction they needed done on an office. It has been my honor and joy to do so.

I fully expect that by week's end I'll be back 23hrs/day at the White House.

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