Thursday, January 18, 2007

Darfur: Day 134 White House Vigil 23 Hr/Day

Quick update.

Note: 1/19/07 I have a court date in Alexandria Federal for my arrest at the Pentagon 12/29/06 for handing out the book, "Colateral Damage." I am not knowledgeable in the process regarding this - what may happen tomorrow. I think it is astonishing that none of the other activists involved with me, knowing of my inexperience, have coached me and advised me. Amazing. Oh well. My point? Can I be put in jail tomorrow? If so, I'll REALLY be out of communication for up to about 30 days! :-) Rejoice for me, don't grieve! Our job is to be a "sacrifice" as Jesus was. Why?!?!?!?! Because that is how it works! Progress toward humanity happens when people sacrifice, Period; When people allow the evil of systems or persons to become manifest on their own body; thereby protecting others, bringing the evil into view, that maybe it may become seen for what it is, intollerable, and removed. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. To be alive (instead of merely existing) is to Sacrifice for others. There is no other way to be ALive.

Arrested falsely/illegally for "Camping" in President's Park. Every other night the Officers have been professional and have acknowledged that by sitting up all night with my posters I was legally within my rights. 2 weeks ago an officer, old line, nasty - decided different and arrested me when I would not be intimidated and flee (I was fearful and felt abused). Mid March court date. Up to 180 days in prison faced. I'll go to court rather than pay $50 and dodging the jail time, trying to protect others from abuse by this officer, and to help him see the error of his ways.

Sub freezing nights now. With the help of an Angel I'm surviving fine. People have been providing food.

Much time to commune with our Father. Awesome.

One candle can ignite the entire world. Not, if it goes out.

Our Father in Heaven does not operate according to the interests of the flesh. He is Spirit. We have within us His Son. We can choose to let that Son rule, and thereby reside with Him in Heaven, at this moment. I'm in, or close.

My food is to do His will, to serve His family as best I can - in Darfur for now. I have much Food now, and in the future. A banquet.

My life is filled, every moment, with Love, Peace, Joy, Life and Persecution.

Jesus took upon himself the sins of the world. He showed us how to live. We are all called to follow him. He was the perfect sacrifice. We are to strive to be the same - to save others, to save ourselves. It works. It is the Truth. I recommend it highly - way above any other way of life (Death) I have tried. I regret those years I've lived away from Him. I grieve for those who choose to live away from Him / Love / Life / Sacrifice / Persecution.

Dr. King: "Nothing is so tempting as evil in the garb of Virtue." I am escaping Temptation regularly, unlike most of my life up until now. Join in! Live!



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