Friday, January 26, 2007

Returning, but not so fast

Hmm. Per the previous post - our job of world-saving is to spread the fire of brotherhood, of "blessed community" as Dave Dellinger says it. This is an art more than a science. I am convinced that we must be ever vigilant for opportunities, and take them regardless of what others may think. In dramatic and non-dramatic circumstances our rule must be like that of Gandhi - "I will admit but one tyrant in my life, the still, small voice within."

At each moment our job is to spend our seconds having the greatest impact we possibly can on building the community. One of the highest leverage, highest impact opportunities is to protect, value, encourage and build an existing community that has some significant goodness to it, and or significant future promise. It is also a sacred opportunity to extend kindness and support to those that have been fighting the war at extreme personal cost.

To my surprise I remain in DC but away from the White House Darfur Stand Vigil. A rough edged, but to my eyes, "Blessed Community" that has fought for humanity for decades at great personal sacrifice continues to offer me the opportunity to help them with a construction project that they need completed. It is totally unglamorous. Extremely menial. Yet, I find it a sacred opportunity. I don't suspect many others would see it the same. As a matter of fact, this opportunity could be known by hundreds of folks because the activists I am helping are internationally known. So, by definition others don't see the opportunity as I do. :-)

The project just expanded so I expect to be away from the White House for yet another week. In my imagination I "check in" with my Darfur family and I get an "OK" from them regarding this detour. Surprising, but true.


ps: Oh yes, Jesus WAS a carpenter. Me too right now.
pps: The activists I am helping include members that vigil outside in this freezing weather 12 hours a day. I'm pretty sure that in some small part they are trying to keep me out of that same cold the 23hrs/day as otherwise I would be. I feel no reluctance to be in the cold and actually miss serving in that way right now. However, our Father's will, not mine, be done. God/Good works in mysterious ways. :-)

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