Sunday, September 03, 2006

Recuperating with Family

While the dust settles on the activities by the State Dept / UN / Sept 9th / Sept 17th / Bashir obstruction... while the Hunger Strike is suspended my body demanded some recovery time that I am taking with friends / family. All I've done for several days is sleep. Apparantly I was more exhausted from the Strike and 100+ day Vigil than I realized; and my body was much more shut down than I realized. Eating, more particulary digesting, is an extremely difficult task for my body to accomplish.

I think this issue with digestion is why my legs are so extremely swolen - severe edema. My guess is that my kidneys have lost the ability to process my food properly - eliminate salt, and balince protiens, etc. In any case, my body is a bit messed up and so that I can serve better in a few weeks, I regretably will be away from the Vigil until mid to late this week.

I WILL be back for Saturday 9th for the Africa Action Civil Disobedience, God willing.


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