Thursday, September 28, 2006


Tough day today. Hmm.

I want to see how to stop the genocide. Not a fantasy, I don't want to see a fantasy, but a real way forward. Am I frustrated? That's irrelevant. Am I confused? Yes. Am I unclear what I am called to do? How? When? Yes. Funny, I am finally clear what we-the-people are called to do - Rescue Darfur Fast. But me? :-)

A massive
Rescue Darfur Fast! Yes, massive, that would do it; that would end the genocide. How massive? MASSIVE.

To about 1000 folks, all of the activist community, bloggers and College/Univ Newspaper folks I've now sent multiple teasers on the
Rescue Darfur Fast idea. MULTIPLE in the recent 10 days. Less than 20 to 40 web hits or emails have resulted directly from this. This is a very bad indicator. Aggressive promotion of Rescue Darfur Fast by a team of one to four of us could be the spark, if there were dry kindling and logs around. The deafening silence to these teasers suggests to me that the wood is very, very wet, still.

Jan Pronk today, pretty much out of the blue, the lead UN Envoy to Sudan was extremely negative on the likelihood of UN Peacekeepers. An honest, informed voice, or cowardice, lack of vision, and fatigue speaking? A leader? A "father" of Darfur?

I am tempted to go the direction of Pronk. No. His is not realism, but defeatism. A fine line, but he crossed it. Prank's attitude is not the attitude that won Independence for America, Independence for India, Freedom from Apartheid for South Africa; that developed the microchip, that put man on the moon....

Am I discouraged? That is irrelevant. No, I am not. Confused? Yes, I am.

"Our Father calls us to be Faithful, not Successful" comes to mind.

"Full effort is full success," Gandhi, comes to mind.

There is only one success - "Do unto others ALL..." comes to mind. ONLY ONE SUCCESS is possible in life; is possible in being confronted with the Evil of Genocide. DO UNTO OTHERS ALL THAT YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. And, there is only ONE FAILURE POSSIBLE. To do less than "all."

"Hope is lost, only if and when we quit," comes to mind.

Is the ultimate goal to stop the genocide in Darfur? Our Father, History, will not ask you or me if we did. Our Father, History, will ask us how we behaved in the face of genocide; what we taught our brothers and sisters about how to live life in the face of such evil. Our Father, History will want to know if the model we fashioned and provided, was a moral beacon, a lantern, something promising for the future.

Darfur Genocide is the symptom, not the disease. Inhumanity is the disease. The only hope is that we spend our lives each day, every day, being humanity incarnate, overwhelming the inhumanity with our humanity. Being superior antiviolence, to the world's violence.

Hmmmm. There is only one success possible in life. Do unto others ALL.... Only one failure possible in Life, and in the face of genocide.


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