Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Working" Hunger Strike for Darfur Day #3

Thomas is in the hospital. Yesterday we were a bit worried we might lose him. He couldn't breathe and by the 2nd day in the hospital they didn't know why. By yesterday afternoon they had him diagnosed with a degenerative lung blockage disease that had flared up. They placed him on a regimen of inhalation of medicine and he, it seems, pulled out of the danger zone. We cannot afford to lose Tomas, saint Thomas. Be a prayer for him.

Having begun the Hunger Strike for Darfur, almost literally on my way to the White House the morning of March 1st I came upon Thomas who was returning from his 25 year vigil. He reached his operations base and was obviously in great distress. I was asked to stay and help watch things while he was taken to the hospital. "Of course," I replied. Later in the day Thomas's wife Ellen called and said, "Thomas is hoping you will take his place at the 25 year vigil tonight." "Of course," I responded. It looks like it will be some days before Thomas can return. I've been asked to stand in until he can return. It is my great honor and privelage to take his place (inadequately as I can) until he can return. Ellen said I was the answer to many, many prayers. I am devestatingly humbled.

What about Darfur? Darfur is dying for Heroes, for lack of global brotherhood / humanity / Love / Otherishness / Spirit. Our Darfur Family can only be saved by the "Ransom" of This in the hearts of people. That is the work of the 25 year Peace Vigil. By working there I will be working for Darfur, although not as directly as I had planned, for now.

"Working" Hunger Strike? It is about a mile to the White House which I cover four times per day at 5:45am, 10:30am, 4:45pm and 10:30pm. Also, as time and energy permit I continue at construction on Thomas's base of operation. I figure this is 3-500 calories per day of energy I'd not be spending if I were stationary at the White House. I expect to consume this many calories per day as an offset.

Why Hunger Strike? How long? A hunger strike, if done out of the Spirit of brotherhood/Solidarity/Love/Service is a way of turning that Spirit, that Flame, up to high - turning up the Heat, Light, and Firemaking potential to maximum. Can it Ignite a bunch of people? As soaking wet as most of us, the wood, are? Hardly. But it might ignite a twig or so that happens to come near enough and be ready enough, and together we might then ignite a third.... And it will begin drying some of the other wood. Or not. G d knows.

Burning that hot (Hunger Strike) burns up the candle, the body. I'm expecting to continue for 45 days on only water. I've done electrolytes previously and this is too high tech, to "material." I expect to consume only water this time. At 45 days (it will not be a "working" hunger strike by then) I expect to consume about 400 calories per day for another month or so. This will be tough, but I'll probably make it through without too much damage to my body. No matter. What matters is that a Fire (Life) starts, and we stop the Darfur Genocide. Now.

Will this Hunger Strike do any Good? Certainly. Enough? Almost certainly not. Almost, certainly not.

Think of something more hopeful that I could do. If you succeed, tell me.

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