Thursday, March 01, 2007

Darfur Hunger Strike Resumes

My delay in returning to the White House is at an end. I have had a wonderful opportunity to contribute to some folks that have been waging a heroic war of brotherhood for all humanity for many decades. I hope I've been of some help to them. It is time to return to the Darfur side of my family.

Beyond that there is not much to say except what I've already written:

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I'm a bit worried about doing a Hunger Strike in what remains of winter. But, I'm even more worried about delaying any longer, just like what everyone else is doing. In killing time we are killing Darfur.

My Spirit is very good by the way. There has not been a second in as many months as I can remember now where the teaching's of Jesus (Tolstoy's "Gospel in Brief") have not demonstrated themselves to me as a better compass toward Joy / Life / Love / Peace / Truth / Heaven on Earth than everything I have ever known that says the contrary - that Stuff, Superiority and Systems/Institutions (even the worship of the "my" family Institution. ESPECIALLY "MY" FAMILY...) are the way. They are not. Waging TOTAL Love/Brotherhood is the way. As Ashley Montegue said, "The evils of the world are not due to the absence of love, but rather the presence of tribal love." (or something like that.)

Last night is the first time that the following has occurred to me, but in flashes such as what occurred this is how Jesus brilliance comes to me. I can see that once the System got a clear experience with Jesus, Jesus' days were numbered. They would dispose of him quickly. Not that it was a simple matter of plot or malevolence. There really is no malevolence in a pit bull. Killing life is simply what pit bulls do.

And, it is not quite that simple either. HEROES: Heaven on Earth (by whatever name you call it) is the Reign of Otherishness displacing Selfishness. Jesus was a Hero. Both Otherishness and Selfishness cannot reign. They are mutually exclusive. They literally kill/displace each other. Well, in Jesus day Selfishness reigned. The prevailing Systems/Institutions "sensed" Jesus as a mortal threat; He was. Their very being required that they be drawn toward killing Him before simply by His being and infecting others with Otherishness He killed them - the Systems/Institutions. Well, you say, but men killed Jesus. Men had in Truth enslaved themselves to the God of Mammon - Systems/Institutions. It is the same today, but much, much, much, much more so.

We may be laughing at j's delusionalism weeks or months ahead - his aggrandizement, and demonization of U.S. Systems/Institutions/Way of Life (Death). My guess is that we will not be laughing. Once I enter the system (the wrongful "Camping" at the White House on 23hr/day Darfur Vigil arrest has a court date of 3/21; Guantanamo arrest - April something; next; etc.) they will have to destroy me. They will want me to accept the inhuman treatment we Americans administer to millions of prisoners, and I suspect I will refuse to cooperate. As Gandhi said, "It is as much my moral obligation not to cooperate with evil as it is to cooperate with good." If they do not destroy me, my example will be a great threat to them. What would the other prisoners do?

No matter. What matters is that we Rescue and Restore Darfur. Now. Join the Heroes. Darfur is Dying for Heroes.

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