Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Darfur's a fruad: "In Darfur" in Central Park


OK. These are the world leaders of the scam "Save Darfur" movement. Look at them. Is there a Genocide in Darfur or is this the most awesome career opportunity imiginable for these nice folks?

The Panel: (Back Row) John Prendergast (ICG), Samantha Power (Harvard), Nicholas Kristof (NY Times) and Daoud Ibrahim Hari; (Front) Omer Ismail, Mia Farrow (MIA IS THE EXCEPTION. SHE ACTUALLY BEHAVES AS THOUGH THERE IS A GENOCIDE - DAY IN AND DAY OUT), Winter Miller and Mark Hanis

More at: Photo Coverage: Public Theater's In Darfur Reading

Tuesday, July 10, 2007; Posted: 11:30 AM - by Ben Strothmann
The Public Theater offered New Yorkers a free staged reading of Winter Miller's In Darfur in Central Park for one night only, on Monday, July 9th. This reading continued the momentum generated by The Public's developmental production of In Darfur, which was highly successful in bringing audiences and artists together to raise awareness of the Darfur Crisis and encourage activism. The reading featured the original cast of The Public's production and was directed by Joanna Settle.

"Working as research assistant to Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist at the New York Times, playwright Winter Miller is immersed in the issues surrounding the ongoing genocide in Darfur. In Darfur is the provocative account of three intertwined lives at a camp for internally displaced persons in Darfur. The story follows an aid worker's mission to save and protect lives, a journalist's pursuit to deliver a "Page One" story and a Darfuri woman's quest for safety. It is a searing story of urgency and international significance," state press materials....

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