Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Save Darfur? Save Darfur AND save ourselves while there is time

Here is why we do not Save Darfur. We in the US have so lost our humanity we will not save our children; we certainly will not Save Darfur! UN REPORT OF CHILD HEALTH

Time to do both - Save Darfur AND save our Humanity. We are out of time.

Full Article: Children left in the shadows
Full UN REPORT: An Overview of Child-Wellbeing in Rich Countries

...The United Nations report, published today, reveals that the richest countries in the world are conversely some of the poorest when it comes to their treatment of children.

Joining the UK with the worst child welfare record is the US, the world's only superpower and considered to be the beating heart of the world's economy.

Both Britain and the US found themselves in the bottom third of the rankings for five of six areas of child welfare.

Many social studies experts say the only way to reverse the trend is to solve the root of the problem - public attitudes in Britain to children. Some say the modern way of life leaves little time for children, who are often seen in the rat-race culture as a pest.

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