Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Darfur: US must end constructive engagement policy...

Darfur: US must end constructive engagement policy... [and we-the-citizens must end our policy of talking and not acting. DARFUR: DyingForHeroes, jay] The following is an excerpt from: U.S. Must Crank Up the Heat on Khartoum (by John Prendergast and Colin Thomas-Jensen)

The Bush administration must end its policy of constructive engagement and push for multilateral measures -- either through the Security Council or a "coalition of the willing" -- that will finally change Khartoum's calculations. These include the following:
-- Apply asset freezes and travel bans to NCP leaders responsible for atrocities in Darfur, as determined by previous UN investigations.
-- Investigate the offshore accounts of the NCP and its affiliated businesses to facilitate economic sanctions against the regime's commercial entities, the main conduits for NCP revenue used to support the Janjaweed.
-- Explore possible sanctions against the petroleum sector, including bans on investment and the provision of technical expertise and equipment.
-- Share intelligence with the International Criminal Court to break the cycle of impunity.
Tigers don't change their stripes. History demonstrates that Khartoum bends when it faces strong pressure, and it's time to punish those who orchestrate atrocity crimes in Darfur to get a muscular, mobile, U.N. force on the ground. The world is three years into this crisis and we still have not confronted the criminal cabal in Khartoum. Shame on us.

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